Keyword Keg - Latest News & Updates

Feature Update

We've added the following features to KeywordKeg.

1. Using Keyword Keg's private keyword database to get even more keyword results

All searches now use Keyword Keg's private database of 3 billion English keyword phrases to get even more results than the 11 APIs provide.

2. PDF Exports with the ability to White Label

You can now export your keyword list to a nicely formatted PDF file. You can also choose your company logo for the header and text/link for the footer in the PDF

3. Negative keywords can be comprised of multiple keywords

You can now enter a multi-word phrase as a negative keyword

4. Merge words to get additional keywords from various combinations

We added a new tool called Merge Words. You can specify different keywords in four separate categories. These are then combined together to generate a large number of keywords

Feature Update

We've added the following features to KeywordKeg.

1. Multiple seed keywords per search

You can perform a search with multiple seed keywords. The Starter plan customers can search with 5 seed keywords at one time, while Pro Plan customers can search with 10 seed keywords at one time.

2. Search volume changes

Google Keyword Planner has been showing volume data for close-variants of keywords, as well as not showing volume for certain banned keywords. We've implemented a fix for these issues. Misspellings and close variants will now no longer show the incorrect large volumes, while banned keywords will now show the real volumes that they have

3. Larger limits for keyword lists

We've updated the limits for the size of keyword lists to 500,000 keywords in a single list. You can now create gigantic lists of keywords and view and export the data at will

4. Invoice changes

The profile page has a new section for Invoice settings. You can change the email address and company details to be shown on the invoice