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Bing has 20% search engine market share. Can you afford to ignore it?

In 2016 Bing gained almost 20% market share in the search engine space and even though this does not come anywhere close to Google's market share, 20% is a lot of data. Bing provides a Suggest API that gives you the list of keywords that users are searching for the most. Adding this data to the data provided by Google would put you in the best position to make your online strategy decisions.

Bing can suggest keywords that Google won't

Rand Fishkin claims that Google hides keywords in its Adwords keyword tool and Google has also stopped showing keyword data in Google Analytics. As keyword data becomes scarce from Google, it makes sense to have another provider like Bing in your arsenal.

Optimize your Bing PPC campaigns

If you run ad campaigns in Bing, you can optimize the keywords based on the search volume, CPC and buyer intent information. Bing campaigns can often be cheaper than Google's and our tool makes them even more effective.

Get Suggest Data From 11 Other APIs

Keyword Keg gets data from 11 Top APIs, in addition to Bing. This ensures that you get the maximum number of suggested keywords possible.

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Dan Shure

Dan Shure

SEO consultant & content creator

Keyword Keg was an invaluable asset for a recent client project which involved a lot of keyword research.

It helped them fill their content calendar, which improved the quality of my services and will help them be more successful.
Multiple Seed Keywords

Save hours by searching for upto 30 seed keywords at one time and find thousands of related keywords

Import Keywords

Upload your Excel/CSV files with upto 500,000 of your own keywords and get metrics for them

Export Data

Export to CSV, Excel and PDF files with the option to white label

Google Adwords Data + Clickstream Data

Volume, CPC data directly from Google Adwords, improved with clickstream data

Categorize by Intent

Filter keywords based on purchase intent to improve the quality of traffic to your website

Sort & Filter

Narrow down and hide keywords, Filter based on every single metric we have and more

Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks

Founder of I'm From The Future

Keyword Keg is my go-to source for rich keyword data on the fly.

The simple UI, fast results, and stability of the tool have cemented its place in my SEO toolbox for life.

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