Short tutorial videos on using Keyword Keg

1. Introduction to Keyword Keg
In this quick video tutorial, you will get an introduction to Keyword Keg and learn how to perform keyword research using the Pro features.

2. Explanation of all the metrics
This video tutorial contains in depth explanations of the metrics shown at Keyword Keg including keyword difficulty, ctr scope and keyword power

3. Explanation of the SERP Icons
In this quick tutorial video, you will learn what SERP icons are and how to use them in your keyword research

4. How to get bulk metrics for your keywords
Use Keyword Keg to get metrics in bulk for your entire list of keywords. Simply paste the keywords directly from your excel sheet or text file.

5. How to use the advanced filter
Use the advanced filter at Keyword Keg to find the keywords that will help take your business to the next level

6. How to customized your columns
Customize your columns - add/remove metrics or move them around as per what works best for your keyword research process

7. Explanation of the different Plans available at Keyword Keg
This video contains detailed explanations of the different plans available at Keyword Keg and what you get in each of them

8. How to view your saved keywords
In this quick video tutorial, you will see how to save keywords to your lists and then how to view these lists and the keywords they contain