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The 5 keyword tool suite, focused only on keyword research


Find Long-Tail Keywords
using 11 Autosuggest APIs
Import Your Keywords
500,000 keywords per Excel File
Related & PASF Keywords
bulk scraped from Google SERPs
Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington

Founder of Niche Site Project

Keyword Keg is great for beginners - I recommend it to my niche site students - or for internet marketing experts.
The only keyword tool with a bulk upload feature that supports 8 million keywords per month
Enter up to 30 Seed Keywords

Save hours by searching for multiple seed keywords at one time and find thousands of related keywords

Bulk Upload 500,000 Keywords

Upload your Excel/CSV files with up to 500,000 of your keywords and get metrics for them

Export All Keywords + 34 Metrics

Export keywords & all our proprietory metrics to CSV, Excel and PDF files with the option to white label

Adwords Data + Clickstream Data

Volume, CPC directly from Google Adwords, improved with clickstream data

11 Suggest APIs

More Suggest APIs than any other keyword tool - Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and many more

Proprietory Metrics

Keyword Difficulty Metrics to gauge On-Page & Off-Page optimization. Here is detailed info on how they are calculated

SERP features for advanced targeting

Target only keywords with specific SERP features that help your business

Automatically categorized by intent

Filter keywords based on purchase intent to improve the quality of traffic to your website

Five Keyword Tools for the price of One

Five unique keyword tools: Find Keywords, Import Keywords, Related Keywords, PASF Keywords & Merge Words

Get 10x Keywords

Get 10X more keywords than any other keyword tool

Get data from 11 Suggest APIs for the broadest set of keywords. Use one or more or all 11 of the APIs as per your needs. The 11 APIs supported are -

Search engine APIs

E-commerce APIs

Informational site APIs

App Store APIs

Find keywords that convert based on what your audience is looking for

Automatically categorize keywords based on audience intent.

Buyer Intent

Keyword phrases with words like buy, discount, deal, and so on indicate that the user intends to purchase some time soon. For e-commerce businesses, keywords with Buyer Intent will have more value as ranking for such keywords will directly impact sales. When you search for keywords with Buyer Intent, Keyword Keg automatically adds various buyer-specific phrases to keywords to generate long-tail keyword phrases with Buyer Intent.

Product Info

Keyword phrases with words like review, best, top, and so on indicate that the user is looking for a product/service. For blogs and affiliates, keywords with Product Info will have more value as they are looking to target an audience higher up in the funnel. When you search for keywords with Product Info, Keyword Keg automatically adds various product reviews and information specific phrases to keywords to generate long-tail keyword phrases with Product Info.


Keyword phrases with questions are great for Content Writers looking to answer questions. Get content ideas from your readers' searches. With this category, you can find all keyword phrases with questions that your audience is asking. You can then increase your ranking by being the first to answer them.

If your keyword needs include generating an exhaustive list of all possible keywords you can use the following two categories in addition to the ones above -


Suggest APIs are called with an alphabetical prefix and suffix to get the most comprehensive list.


Keywords phrases with prepositions added such as for, like, near, versus, with and, so on.

Nick Eubanks

Nick Eubanks

Founder of I'm From The Future

Keyword Keg is my go-to source for rich keyword data on the fly.

The simple UI, fast results, and stability of the tool have cemented its place in my SEO toolbox for life.

Easily find low competition, easy to rank for keywords

Get access to Volume, CPC, and Competition from Google Keyword Planner. In addition to these, use our proprietary SEO metrics to compare contenders in your keyword hunt.

Learn more about our SEO metrics

On-Page Difficulty (0-100)

A measure of various factors that contribute to difficulty in ranking for the keyword based on the page's content. The lower, the better the opportunity to rank

Off-Page Difficulty (0-100)

A backlinks based measure that demonstrates the difficulty in ranking for a keyword. The lower the score, the better the opportunity to rank

SEO Difficulty (0-100)

A measure of overall SEO Difficulty for the keyword, which is a combination of On-Page and Off-Page difficulty. The lower the score, the better the opportunity to rank

CTR Scope (0-100)

The Click Through Rate Scope metric is a measure of how much traffic you can expect to get. The higher the score, the better.

Quickly shorten your relevant keywords list

Easily narrow down and find the best keywords using Search Volume, CPC, Competition, Trend and Value in addition to our proprietary SEO metrics (On-Page Difficulty, Off-Page Difficulty, SEO Difficulty, CTR Scope) and categories (Buyer Intent, Product Info, Questions, Alphabetical, and Prepositions).

Sort and use our smart filters to narrow down the list based on your criteria.

Use negative keyword filters to hide phrases you are not interested in. As an example, an e-commerce business may want to exclude keywords with free in them. Using the negative keyword filters ensures that your ad revenue is not unnecessarily spent on these.

Get the full picture by using SERP features to see where Google will place organic search results

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features enable you to learn exactly where the organic search results will appear on the page. Keywords with one or more of these features will be harder to rank for as fewer organic search results are actually displayed on the SERP page. Approximately 90% of traffic goes to the listings on the first page of the SERPs.

Ad Listings

Google shows advertisement listings at the top of the SERPs

Product Listings

Google shows product listings at the top of the SERPs

Local Listings

Google shows local listings at the top of the SERPs


Google shows a featured snippet at the top of the SERPs

Image Listings

Google shows images on the first page at the top of the SERPs

News Listings

Google shows news listing boxes at the top of the SERPs

Knowledge Graph

Google shows a Knowledge Graph on the right-hand side of the SERPs

Video Listings

Google shows video listings on the first page of the SERPs

Fresh Listings

Google marks results in the SERP with a recent date

Dan Shure

Dan Shure

SEO consultant & content creator

Keyword Keg was an invaluable asset for a recent client project which involved a lot of keyword research.

It helped them fill their content calendar, which improved the quality of my services and will help them be more successful.

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