Ebay eBay Keyword Tool

The Multi-API Keyword Research Tool that does not break the bank

Make more money on eBay by targeting what online shoppers are searching for

Generate a list of keywords using our eBay Keyword Tool by entering a seed keyword. Investigate and compare different product listings and accordingly optimize your listings based on the monthly search volume and CPC.

Identify trends in your business in real time

The eBay suggest data lists searches based on what people are searching for on the eBay website. Since this data changes daily, you can use it to find trends in your industry.

Get Suggest Data From 9 Other APIs

Keyword Keg gets data from 10 Top APIs, apart from Ebay. This ensures that you get the maximum number of suggested keywords possible.

Ebay Search Volume Estimated Via Google's Data

Ebay does not release its search volume. All the tools that claim to have Ebay's search volume are using Google's search volume and applying some algorithms to them. At Keyword Keg, we simply show you Google's raw search volume and let you decide how to compare between keywords.