Google Keyword Suggest Tool

The Google Keyword Generator to boost your organic traffic

Know exactly what your customers are searching for in Google and how often

Keyword Keg finds you the exact keywords that your customers are typing into Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Yandex and Ask. You can generate thousands of keywords in just a few seconds, along with the search volume and cost-per-click data.

Target different keywords for Global and Local SEO

Select from any of the 192 Google search locations and 83 Google supported languages and optimize your website for local searches by using search terms used in a specific location in a specific language.

Effective idea generation for Content Creators

Keyword Keg will find thousands of the long tail keywords that your readers use based on suggested keyword data from multiple APIs. These long tail keywords are an invaluable source of ideas for content generation. Let your content now speak the user's language.

Optimize ads and reduce costs of your online SEM campaigns

An effective ad with relevant keywords will receive more clicks and increase the likelihood of your ad being displayed by your advertiser. Using the exact keywords that your potential customers use will help increase your ad quality score, increase your click-through rate, thereby decreasing your cost-per-click and improving your customer acquisition costs.

Answer your customer's questions before they can even ask

Use the "Questions" tab to see the questions your customers are searching for. You can then create content to address these questions on your website and thus reduce support costs and let the customer know that you have a solution to all of their problems. You can also use the "Product Info" tab to find keywords customers are using to get more information about products in your niche.

Filter and Prioritize Profitable Keywords

The "Buyer Intent" tab lets you filter only those keywords that indicate a user's interest in purchasing a product. This makes it easy for you to prioritize those keywords that can bring in more revenue.

Search within multiple Locations and Languages in a single click

Do you have customers across multiple locations speaking different languages? No worries. You can now search for a single seed keyword and choose multiple locations and languages and we will generate as many keywords as possible for every combination of location and language.

Stay relevant with the latest search data

It is no secret that the Google keyword planner is updated once every few months, while the Google suggest data is updated almost in real time. Additionally, the Google keyword planner hides a lot of relevant keywords if you are not a Google Adwords advertiser. You can now stay updated with the latest search suggest data with Keyword Keg.

Get Suggest Data From 9 Other APIs

Keyword Keg gets data from 10 Top APIs, apart from Google. This ensures that you get the maximum number of suggested keywords possible.